Executive Directors create smart communities with Aiva

Staff increase efficiency and loyalty.
Residents increase independence and engagement
So you can increase your peace of mind with virtual assistance

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Staff loyalty

  • Clients report lower turnover due to increased satisfaction and appreciation for investing in tools that help them as much as residents.

Staff efficiency

  • Calling and messaging residents from anywhere saves time and steps.
  • Reminders save follow-up calls and visits.
  • Remote control of lights, blinds and thermostats saves room entries.

Resident experience

  • Hands-free access to meal menus and community activities.
  • Voice control over lights, blinds and temperature.
  • Hands-free video calls with family and friends.

Market differentiation

  • Stand out with residents and families as the leader in assistive technology.
  • Recruit and retain better staff by giving them more tools to succeed.

Track Aiva's impact on your community with dashboard analytics:

  • Usage volume trends
  • Breakdown of interactions by type
  • Tracking at all levels – individual rooms, entire units or facility-wide

Client Story

Learn how Atria Newport Beach used Aiva to increase activity participation by more than 50% and reduce pendent pushes.