The Aiva Platform

Voice devices and skills

Aiva works with leading voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Mobile Apps

Aiva’s proprietary mobile platform enables caregivers to triage and respond to requests.

Enterprise Control

Our web-based back end centralizes management of workflows, content, events, analytics and IoT.

Hands-free Convenience and Control

Aiva enables voice control over lighting, temperature, shades and TV.

Centralized Control

Admin Dashboard & Enterprise Security

Administrators link and manage all their smart devices in one dashboard.

Reporting & Analytics

Managers track utilization and response times to optimize performance.

Closer Careteam Communication

Route the right message to the right caregiver — right away.

Quickly respond to requests with audio messages or quick replies.

Track, triage and close requests in the Aiva mobile app.

Program reminders and send real-time messages to patients.

Better Education & Entertainment

Clinical Education

Provide instant access to clinical content and educational resources via voice.


Schedule reminders and notifications for recurring activities and events.


Respond to common inquiries with tailored responses from your organization.


Improve patient and resident engagement through music, news, weather, games and other audio content.

Full Interoperability

Aiva works with the most popular smart speakers and quickly adds voice capabilities to interact with existing technology systems.

Voice Assistant





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