The Voice Platform for Healthcare

Hands-free communication and smart room control for happier patients and staff

Powering the Smart Patient Room

Aiva improves patient satisfaction and nurse efficiency with voice control of TVs, lights, shades and temperature.

Better Nurse Workflow

Help nurses practice at the top of their license by relaying requests that are appropriate for
clinical staff.

Reduce room visits by providing valuable context for patient requests.  Stay connected by allowing staff to reply in their own voice!

Busy practitioners can simply speak to submit requests for backup, services and supplies.

Patient Experience

Patients enjoy more entertainment options, better control over their room and closer communication with their careteam — all hands-free.

Instant Help from Home

Patients use Aiva to find physicians, get urgent care wait times, manage appointments and access health information.

Centralized Control

Administrators manage content, workflows and IoT devices from a single dashboard.

In-Depth Reporting

Managers track utilization and response times to optimize performance.

Full Interoperability

Aiva works with the most popular smart speakers and quickly adds voice capabilities to interact with existing technology systems.

Voice Assistant



Patient Engagement


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