Aiva: A Personal Assistant for Every Nurse

On-the-go charting saves your sanity.
Easier communication saves steps.
More self-directed patients saves nurse calls.

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Greater loyalty

  • Nurses appreciate investments in technology designed to help them as much as patients.
  • Less busywork means more time practicing at the top of their licence.

Less EHR frustration

  • Natural-language text & voice charting means fewer logins and clicks distracting from patient care.
  • Hands-free EHR access means easier hand-offs from one shift to the next.

More Control

  • Calling and messaging patients from anywhere saves time and steps.
  • Control lights, blinds, temperature, TVs and education from anywhere in the hospital.

Easier communication

  • Call for backup using just your voice, increasing your sense of security.
  • Hands-free calls to Dietary, Interpreter Services and other departments save time.

Get back time in your day

Use natural language voice or text from anywhere to tell Aiva what you want -- and we'll handle it for you.