Aiva: A Personal Assistant for Every Caregiver

Easier communication saves steps.
More self-directed residents saves pendant pushes.
Remote device controls saves room entries.

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Greater loyalty

  • Lower turnover due to increased satisfaction and appreciation for investing in tools that help staff as much as residents.

Better efficiency

  • In-room digital signage means fewer low-value calls and visits.
  • Remote control of lights, blinds and thermostats saves room entries.

Easier communications

  • Calling and notifying residents from anywhere saves time and steps
  • Submitting maintenance requests virtually saves busywork.

Less busywork

  • Reminders replace door-knocking rounds.
  • Resident access to menus and calendars means fewer pendant pushes just for information.

Get back time in your day

Use natural language voice or text from anywhere to tell Aiva what you want and we'll handle it for you.