Aiva: A Personal Assistant for Every Resident

Voice controls increase independence.
In-room signage improves activity participation.
Easier communication means more interaction with family.

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Greater engagement

  • Residents participate in more activities thanks to on-screen promotions and being able to ask Alexa about their calendar.
  • Staff can also push event reminders to one or more residents.

More independence

Residents need less staff assistance because they can use their voice to do things like:
  • Control lights, blinds and thermostats.
  • Submit maintenance tickets.
  • Check dining menus.

More family interaction

  • Hands-free calls to family & friends keeps them closer.
  • Loved ones can call the resident’s Alexa device from their own device or from the Alexa mobile app.

More fun

  • Music, podcasts, radio and other audio provide instant entertainment.
  • Relaxing sounds, meditations and spiritual content support emotional well-being.

Client Story

Residents access calendars and get event reminders themselves with natural language conversations.